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Zoomed in photo of our chihuahua Sandy.



We met in 2017 in Maple Ridge, and our family has grown considerably since. We have two senior rescue dogs- Sandy who is a chihuahua mix, and Bella the border collie mix. They are quite the pack! Tagging along are Zara and Pascal, two cats that were formerly strays. We also have various foster cats whenever there is one in need. We are passionate about providing nothing but the best for our fur family. That’s why we started Precious Pawz; to provide unique, high-quality pet supplies in Canada to pet owners like ourselves. 

Brett, Kristina, Oliver, Sandy, And Bella Sitting On The Grass For A Nice Family Photo.

In addition to our passion for animals, we also care deeply about the environment. We aim to build our business with the environment in mind. We are currently developing sustainable products and packaging. We want to remove as much waste as possible, from manufacturing to shipping. We put sustainability disclaimers in the product description for complete transparency. For more information about our sustainability efforts click here.


Precious Pawz intends to weave together our values of animal rescue and sustainability while providing the very best for your pets. We donate a portion of all proceeds to local animal rescues, and we strongly encourage our customers to consider adoption. We appreciate your support and hope to one day offer everything your pet could need. If you would like to learn more about our family check out the more detailed blog post, ‘Introducing The Precious Pawz Family’ or check out the interview we did with 'Go Solo' here.

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