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Felted Pet Cave

Introducing our new eco-friendly & ultra-comfy cat beds! They’re a sustainable alternative that will give your cat their favourite new snooze spot while looking great in your house. 


  • Cozy: These beds are very comfortable for snoozing cats.

  • Enticing: Cats are naturally attracted to the cave shape, providing a calm space for your cat to nap. Cats are also attracted to lanolin in the wool, making the beds soothing.

  • Temperature Regulating: Made of 100% New Zealand wool, these beds are great for temperature optimization. They hold in warmth during the winter and provide a cooling effect in the summer. 

  • Durable: The beds are made of thick wool, which is naturally water & odour resistant. They’re also handmade using traditional felting techniques and have a long lifespan.

  • Sustainable: Wool is biodegradable, which prevents waste on our planet. They are also dyed with natural & AZO-free dyes, ensuring your pet and the environment aren’t harmed. 

  • Ethical: These beds are handmade by Nepali women using traditional techniques. Due to the general lack of employment, your purchase helps train, employ, and empower local female entrepreneurs.

Felted Pet Cave

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  • Vacuum cleaning is the best method for minor cleaning and removing debris. Wool is naturally water repellant and odour resistant, so you shouldn’t have to wash it. In the case of minor soiling, spot clean using a water bottle with a few drops of dish soap. Follow this with a spritzing of clean water on the spot. 

    In the case of heavy soiling, you can handwash the bed in cold water with dish soap. Follow this with a cold water rinse. Regardless of wash technique, thoroughly remove water from the bed through rolling. Further, remove the remaining water by applying pressure with a towel. Lastly, prop up the shape with your hands, and allow it to air dry. If your cat cave has wrinkles from washing or transport, simply fill the bed with fabric or any kind of filler, and leave it for a day to restore the shape.

  • Please note these items are handmade, so each item may vary slightly. Being made of wool, their natural wool scent is normal.

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